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How To Sign And Return Documents Using SureDocs

When you receive a document to sign using SureDocs, we’re confident you’ll be able to complete the signing quickly and easily.

If you run into any problems, this document will help you know what to do, step-by-step.

If you’ve received an e‑mail notification that you have documents to sign using SureDocs, these instructions will help you get through the process quickly and easily.

For starters, watch this quick video that shows the steps to sign and return a document using SureDocs.

Here’s what to do, step-by-step:

  1. Click the link in the notification e‑mail you received. The link you’ll want to click appears just below the Internal Document ID in the message.
  2. A browser window will open to display the page. If you’ve previously received SureDocs at this e‑mail message, you’ll see a login page, so enter your password and click Login. If this is your first time using SureDocs, you’ll need to create your profile. It’s a simple matter of creating a password and security question. Once you’ve done so, click Next.
  3. Now, you’ll see the agreement page. Read the agreement, then scroll to the bottom and type the 6-digit code as directed, then click I Agree if you wish to continue.
    1. Click HERE and jump to the 35-54 second segment to see how this should look.
    2. If you’re unable to see the code, this is an indication that your browser is not correctly running the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
    3. Suredocs requires that you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software for saving and printing documents. If you see a 6-digit code in the box on the left, then the Acrobat Reader is correctly installed on your PC. If you don’t see this code, click HERE to go to Adobe’s website to download and install Acrobat Reader.
    4. Click HERE to see browser specific changes that you may need to make.
  4. Now, you’ll see the SureDocs documents window. This is where you can see any documents pending your signature, as well as any previous documents you’ve signed.
  5. If this is your first time using SureDocs, click My Signature at the top of the window. In the window that appears, you can choose the font you’d like to use for your signature, or you can upload a signature that you’ve scanned for a more realistic look. If you don’t have a scanner, but you want to use a “wet-ink” equivalent signature, click DirectFax Signature and Initials. Follow the instructions to fax your signature so that it can be applied to any documents you sign using SureDocs. Click OK.
  6. Now, back in the documents window, find the document you need to sign, and click View on the far right. A new window will open to display the document.
  7. When you’re ready to sign, click Sign Document at the top-right. When you do, a pop-up will take you to each location on the document where your signature is required. Just click Apply Signature on the pop-up to put your signature or initials in the box. When you’re done, you’ll see the Signing Ceremony dialog where you can click Commit if you are happy with the signatures you’ve placed on the document.

That’s it! The signed document is now securely transmitted to the person who requested it where it will be available for immediate pickup.