Taking Control Of A Domain Purchased Through Your Site

When you create a Website with Pipeline ROI and choose a domain (your “.com”), we automatically register it for you. However, the domain is yours, and you can do anything you want with it. (Broker Sub-Sites are not included, and require a $29 domain release fee).

For domains registered via the Website wizard, you’re the designated administrative contact and billing contact; we’re only the technical contact. Being the technical contact enables us to renew your domain automatically when you renew your Website. This is standard for web hosting services.

NOTE: Before starting the following steps, first make sure that your domain is registered with ENOM. If your domain is registered through any registrar other than ENOM, this document will not apply to you. Click here, type your domain name into the search box, and click LOOKUP. If ENOM isn’t listed under Sponsoring Registrar, contact and consult the registrar listed for instructions on transferring your domain, using the contact information provided.
Pipeline ROI Websites domains are purchased through an agreement with ENOM. To give you control over your domain, you just need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Register with them (it’s free) and tell us your Enom Username, so we can “push” the domain over to your ENOM account. Be sure to complete all contact information on your account or the domain push will not be successful.

Step 2: eNom has recently changed their default settings on new accounts and you will need to complete a Verified Support Request in order to take control of your domain. For full instructions, see the following article from eNom:

Step 3: Once you have your free ENOM account and have requested a domain push with their support, you will need to complete our domain transfer form. Click here to open the request form.

Step 4: Now, completely fill out the form with the required information, scan, and e-mail it to Domains@PipelineROI.com. Be sure to include a photo ID of the account holder, or a copy of the account holder’s professional license. Don’t forget to sign the form after you print it.

NOTE: You MUST include a photo ID and sign the required form. This is to ensure you are who you say you are. The best form of photo ID is a government issued ID, such as your driver’s license.
Within two business days of receiving your information, we’ll turn your domain over to your ENOM Username — putting you in full control of your domain name.

Even after your domain name has been transferred to your ENOM account, your domain will still point to your Website. If you want it to go elsewhere, go into the administrative area of your ENOM account and enter information for your new web host.