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Add A Custom Widget

If you’ve developed content of your own that you would like to display as a Dynamic Content widget, you can do so using Custom Content. You can insert graphics, links, buttons, text, and more using the same Content Editor tools that you use to create the content of your pages. Keep in mind that the Dynamic Content section is best suited for content that is formatted vertically, rather than horizontally.

To add your own Custom Content as a Dynamic Content widget…

From your ProiWebsite backend, click on ProiWebsite in the top navigation. Then, click on My Content on the left-hand side.
Now, open up the page you wish to add Social Media Links to.
Scroll down to the Other Content Options section, check Dynamic Content, and click Customize to the right.
Click on the Custom Content tab, and check the box on that tab to enable this section of the Dynamic Content.
In the window on the right, enter any text you like.
To format text, insert graphics, create hyperlinks, or otherwise edit the content, click Show Editing Toolbar. This will display the same tools you are accustom to using in the Content Editor. As in the Content Editor, if you need to enter your own HTML, click the HTML view icon.