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Add A News Feed Widget To A Page

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Including a news feed (also called an RSS feed) on your Website is an easy way to add relevant, fresh content from another site. Most online news sources provide them at no charge, and the majority of these feeds are updated at least daily.

To add a news feed to your Dynamic Content…

From your Website backend, click on Website in the top navigation. Then, click on My Content on the left-hand side.
Now, open up the page you wish to add Social Media Links to.
Scroll down to the Other Content Options section, check Dynamic Content, and click Customize to the right.
Click on the News Feed tab, and check the box on that tab to enable this section of the Dynamic Content.
In Options for this section, select the feed you want to display from the Select Feed drop-down.
If you chose Enter custom RSS feed URL in the drop-down, a few additional options appear.
Type a Feed Description that will appear as a title of the news feed on your page.
Type or paste the Feed URL.
Enter a Copyright Notice to clarify that the content is from another provider.
Click Save Changes.