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Add An Open House Widget

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By enabling Open Houses in a page’s Dynamic Content (widgets), you can showcase upcoming open houses on any of the pages in your site. This will give your visitors easy access to the information for your open house listings. It also gives you a great way to capture leads who are interested in your open house properties.

     Hint: In order for the Dynamic Content Open Houses feature to work properly, you'll need to set up the open house date and time on your listing(s).      

To enable Open Houses in your Dynamic Content widget…

From your Website backend, click on Website in the top navigation. Then, click on My Content on the left-hand side.
Now, open up the page you wish to add Social Media Links to.
Scroll down to the Other Content Options section, check Dynamic Content, and click Customize to the right.
Click the Open Houses tab.
Type a title for this section in Dynamic Content in the Section Title field.
In the drop-down box, choose the number of open houses to display. They will be displayed by date, starting with the next open house.
When you’re done, click Save Changes at the bottom of the window.

Open Houses
Now, in your Dynamic Content, an entry for each upcoming open house will be displayed, based on the open house information on your list. An example is below.

Open House

Also, when your site visitor clicks the Send me new open houses link, they will see a lead capture form that prompts them for information that will help you better serve their interests. When they submit their information, they will automatically be added to the Open House Leads contact group for easy organization and marketing opportunities.